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  • What is the Georgia Poultry Federation Growers Health Care Plan?
    The Georgia Poultry Federation wants to offer growers the ability to join an Association Health Care Plan. The plans will be insured by Humana and will satisfy the Georgia Department of Insurance (DOI) requirements.
  • Why choose the Georgia Poultry Federation Growers Health Care Plan?
    Our goal is to provide members with a quality health care solution that could be a good fit for many reasons including: - Competitive rates - Variety of comprehensive medical plans, including Health Savings Accounts - Predictable, fixed monthly payments - Flexibility in choice of benefit plan - Plans with a broad provider network and prescription formulary (drug list) - Option to add dental, vision and more to build a complete benefit package
  • When will the Health Care Plan start?
    Due to legislative changes and insurance product offerings, we expect the Health Care Plan to begin September 1, 2020. This date assumes we have the minimum number of participants required to offer an Association Health Care Plan. If we do not have enough interest in the program, we will not be able to offer it at this time.
  • Can we join the Health Care Plan at any time during the year?
    Yes, small business members can join the Plan any month of the year.
  • Who is eligible to participate?
    The Georgia Poultry Federation Growers Health Care Plan is available to small businesses that are located in Georgia who are members of the Georgia Poultry Federation, meet the qualifications of a grower, and enroll two or more employees in the plan. Businesses must be in good standing with the Georgia Poultry Federation and domiciled in Georgia. If your business meets the qualifications of a grower but you are not a current member of the Georgia Poultry Federation, you can also satisfy membership requirements when you enroll in the plan.
  • My spouse and I are the only two employees at our farm. Can we join the Health Care Plan?
    Two enrolled employees are required, but a husband and wife only count as one employee - even if you both receive paychecks from the business. Some examples of other employees who can be added to your plan, along with you and your spouse, are: Other employees who work for the farm An adult child who works for the farm Employee who does not work in poultry but still works for your farm (cattle, events, etc.) Employees who work for another business you own (a separate business from the farm)
  • Is the farm required to help pay for employee health coverage?
    Yes, the business will be asked to pay 25% of the Employee premium. If the employee wants to add coverage for his/her spouse or child, the business is not required to pay any of those costs.
  • What percentage of employees that work for the farm are required to enroll?
    Humana will ask that at least 25% of your full-time W-2 employees join the program. So for example, if you have 10 full-time W-2 employees who work for the farm, three would need to enroll in the group health plan.
  • If I'm interested, what are my next steps?"
    Please send your farm information to us as soon as possible. Our ability to offer this program depends on member interest. You can submit the online form on this webpage or complete and submit the paper form that was mailed to you.
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